Doxxing, swatting and the new trends in online harassment

Two new forms of online harassment, 'doxing' and 'swatting' are increasing in frequency. Given the failures of law enforcement to adapt to these forms of harassment, here are some basic information security pointers that can help secure your information online. More

The dark art of Facebook fiddling with your news feed

Facebook’s news feed is probably the most-used feature of the social network. It organises posts, photos, links and advertisements from your friends and the pages you follow into a single stream of news. But lately we’ve seen the news feed making headlines of its own. More

Any name will do from now on says Google – why the change?

Google has announced a surprising end to its controversial “Real Name” policy with a contrite post on Google+, telling users that there are “no more restrictions” on the names people can use. This is a dramatic change in policy for the company which suspended users en masse in 2011 for using pseudonyms – an event that users have since described as The Nymwars. More

My Doctoral Research

At the end of your first year of PhD study at QUT, you're required to submit a 60-page document and present a 45-ish minute seminar detailing a synopsis of the work-in-progress, the proposed methodology and a trajectory to submission. This is called the Confirmation of Candidature — it's an early and important milestone on the road to graduation. More